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Single People Should Have Registries Too–Huff Post Dialog July 9, 2013

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Copious Readers,

When I was young (at 21!), I really wanted to get married. Why? Not because I was dating a great man. Not because I knew a great man and lusted after him. Not because I wanted someone to “share my life with.” No!

I wanted to get married because I wanted to take that little gun and run around the store and zap all the items that people could, should, would buy FOR ME (oh, yeah, and for my husband too).

Please check out this HuffPost Live discussion where a bunch of us talk about whether Single people can/should/do have registries of their own, and how this practice is viewed by society and whether it should develop into a more culturally acceptable practice.


Hope to see you there! If not, you can catch it later at a link we’ll post afterward. Thanks!

–Christina (and Lisa)

Singles Advocates Talk Live on HuffPost January 18, 2013

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Copious Readers, you may want to go to HuffPost Live  to see a moderated discussion among Dr. Bella DePaulo of Singled Out, Eleanor Wells of The Spinsterlicious Life, and Christina of Onely (Lisa is on Beirut time).

We’ll be talking about about how marital status discrimination impacts single people, as described in Onely’s recent Atlantic article, and Bella and Eleanor’s books.

Comments are welcome. Except about my hair.

–Christina (and Lisa)

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