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Confused about Men? Stop It Stop It Stop It! July 23, 2008

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One of the thrills of having a WordPress-sponsored blog is that we can see how our readers come to find our blog. In other words, we can see what google searches end up “hitting” our site. One of the most frequent and popular searches so far? “Confused about men” [or some variation thereof]. Of course this is because that’s the title of one of our earlier posts, “Confused about Men? Get you a Manslation!” when we plugged another blog with a completely different focus (likely the one you’re looking for, we admit).

We find this eternally amusing, but just to throw everyone off we figured we’d write another post with a similar title so you’d end up here… We think you must have ended up here thanks to some higher powers, and with this in mind here’s what we advise:

Stop worrying about men! Read our amazing blog!!!

We hope you enjoy Onely! 🙂

L & C

p.s. we have the same message for all you people searching for “nut sucking” (you know who you are!),  which tracks to this hilarious post by Christina. Don’t be shy… we want you to read our site too!!!

Onely, Drugs, and Heteronormativity: A Lesson in Grammar. July 15, 2008

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For the past week, I have been fighting an irritating cold (irritating because I *hate* feeling sick. OK I suppose this is not necessarily unique to me, but STILL). One of the symptoms of this cold has been a hacking cough, which only subsides in response to drugs (another thing I *hate*). Over the weekend (and not incidentally, under the influence of these drugs), I was updating some details of the Onely site and I started thinking – or perhaps obsessing is a better word – about the site’s subtitle, which reads: “A noun. An adjective. A better Scrabble word than Heteronormative.” (more…)

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