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What Did Your Parents Teach You about Relationships? (A Discussion) July 6, 2009

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Recently, fellow singles blogger, Special K, offered to collaborate with us on a special post in which the three of us wrote brief responses to the question, “What did your parents teach you about relationships?”

You’ll note that we each hold markedly different perspectives on the issue, and we hope you’ll offer your own below!

Special K says:

“Sheesh, nothing,” one muttered… Well, that’s not exactly true. Like parenting, most people’s parents leave an impression on things you’d like to do that they did, and things that you’d like NOT to do that they did. Parents are powerful role models (we can talk about other role models another time) as well as mirrors for our own relationships. So here’s the thing: whether single or married, with kids, or with dog, your parents matter to your current single-or-not status. Period. (more…)

Thoughts on Singelringen, Anyone? January 12, 2009

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singelringenWe are intriged by the idea of Singelringen, a ring that single people buy to support the mantra that,

“I am not alone. I am Single.” 

 We think it’s a great core concept. At first glance, Singelringen represents a healthy commitment to and acceptance of one’s self, even when single in a coupled world. The ring

“Reminds the single man or woman that they are already complete while open to possibilities.”

However (and there’s always a however, isn’t there?),               

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