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Onely Clones Itself for Unmarried and Single Americans Week September 10, 2011

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Unmarried and Single Americans Week is coming on September 18! Break out the glitter, streamers, firecrackers, and peanutbutter-cheese sandwiches (hey, to each her own)!  Copious Readers, how will YOU celebrate USA Week?

At first Onely wasn’t quite sure how we’d cyber-celebrate (though the peanutbutter-cheese sandwiches were a no-brainer).  After all, most of our regular posts already support the point of USA week, which is to celebrate and respect the unmarried experience. So we decided maybe the best thing we could do was. . . more of the same? We could try to share Onely with a wider audience, perhaps reaching more people who (like Christina and Lisa a few years ago) haven’t yet actively thought about singlehood in a positive, proactive manner.

To that end, we’re going to start cross-posting Open Salon to see what sort of audience and discussion that generates.  All content at our Open Salon blog will also be here at Onely.org, which will always remain our primary venue.

–Christina (and Lisa)

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