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Seeking Sexy, Celibate Seniors November 12, 2009

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One of Onely’s favorite blogs, Better Than I Ever Expected, is looking for unpartnered seniors who want to talk about their experiences with sensuality and sexuality. I hope that some of our Copious Readers–both male and female–fit this demographic and will contact blogger Joan Price as described below. In my opinion,  her blog about senior sexuality is very very very important from a feminist perspective. The beauty, news, and entertainment industries do their best to tie female sexuality to female youthfulness, a link which we need to uncouple (heh). As women have gained more power in the workforce and a greater ability to support themselves, they’ve also gained more sexual freedom. Any attempt to limit women’s sexual freedom is an attempt also to restrict the women’s equality movement. Which is why  historically patriarchal establishments such as the mass media attempt to limit women’s sexual expression by tying sexuality tightly to youth and implying that to have a full, satisfying sex life, you must be or look young (read: naive, less powerful).  Here’s what Joan says about her latest project that deconstructs the stereotypes of senior sex, and here’s your chance for your (senior) voice to be heard:

Seeking Sexy, Celibate Seniors

Are you 50 – 80+, feeling sexy and enjoying your sensuality, yet celibate and unpartnered by choice? I’d like to interview you  by email for my new book, Naked at Our Age. (more…)

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