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Another Feel-Good Post: YOUR RESPONSES REQUESTED! February 26, 2009

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We’re fluffing pillows, people. I mean… As you may have noticed, we’ve been reorganizing, refreshing, and updating some of Onely’s links (scroll down and look to your right!) so as to more accurately reflect our ideological alignments and to highlight blogs dedicated to the practice of being single, as well as Web sites that provide (what we consider to be) important resources for single people. We’ve also tried to include, as often as possible, links to the blogs published by our regular readers (because we love you!).

We wanted to call your attention to this reorganization because we’d also like to solicit from you, Copious Readers, your responses and suggestions for anything we may have forgotten to include and/or missed altogether.We’d also appreciate your suggestions for singles resources (i.e., not blogs) that we have missed, particularly sites that are not designed for profit and are easily accessible to the general public. So, please — plug away!!!

In a related vein, we’ve also decided that we’re going to be profiling some of the blogs you see listed over in the side bar, so as to emphasize our desire for community and dialogue — two elements that are especially valuable when living Onely. We are so appreciative of the readership that has slowly but consistently been growing for us, we want to spread the love as much as possible!

We plan to limit our profiles to independent, non-profit blogs that deal specifically with being single — and are happy to hear any suggestions you have in this regard! We plan to post a new profile once every week or so, and we’ll notify whoever’s next, in case you want us to highlight anything in particular. We’re excited about this mini-project; what do you think?

Eagerly awaiting your responses,

— L & CC

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