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Spurrious Rhetoric, continued January 1, 2008

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As a follow-up to my Spurrious Rhetoric post, I feel compelled to acknowledge that buried in Dr. Pam Spurr’s singlist article is this one conciliatory, cover-your-ass sentence fragment: “Although, granted, there are some truly happy single women, the majority. . . ”  

But at the beginning of her post she says she doesn’t believe that “any” single women are happy. So which is it? And  how is she able to pass judgement on who is “truly” happy and who isn’t? In her article, she decides that one particular singleton is lying about her happiness because she crosses her arms “defensively”! Um, ever heard of air conditioning chills?  Or maybe as she spoke, she was sensing Spurr’s singlist nature and steeling herself against it. Reading Spurr’s article, I felt like crossing my arms, too (and uncrossing them in the form of a right hook ) .

Do I sound righteously cranky? Or  DEFENSIVE? Has this whole blog just been an elaborate exercise in denial?  Copious Readers, say it ain’t so!  Say it ain’t so! 



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2. John Boy - September 15, 2010

The spurrious rhetoric link doesn’t work:(

Onely - September 15, 2010

Thanks for letting us know!! I change it and it should work now. = )

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