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Onely at the Doctor August 16, 2008

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Last week when I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t have strep and after the doc agreed that my throat looked “like it hurt” (duh!), she tried to convince me to get updated on my shots. I was (irrationally, I’ll admit) reluctant, especially because I figured I was in enough pain as it is, but she tried to convince me anyway. Here’s how the conversation transpired:

Doc: “Are you planning on traveling overseas anytime in the near future?”

Me: “No” (LIE)

Doc: “Well, do you have any family – husband or children?”

Me: “Nope!” (cheerfully)

Doc: “Well then I guess this won’t affect anyone else…” (trailing off)

I was stunned that she didn’t know how else to motivate a single female with no kids or traveling plans. Umm, how about assume I care about my general well being? Or she might have pointed out that my work/school would suffer if I got sick (I’d already told her I was a grad student), which I most certainly can’t afford. Or perhaps my parents are aging and need me to care for them (not the case, but she wouldn’t know that!). But no, she pretty much gave up after the significant other/family appeal… Weird.

To her credit, she still tried to convince me to get the tetanus shot that day (I refused; I *know* that’s the one that hurts the most!) and she made me promise to come back. But if no one will notice if I’m gone/disabled/critically ill, well then I suppose there’s no hurry to get those shots!

Now I’m off to find a partner, so my life carries more value…

— L


1. Shannon - August 16, 2008


I’m lucky I have a really lovely GP. My obstetrician however was absolutely terrified when I told him my birthing plan involves me being completely knocked out, having no birthing partner in the room with me and not touching the baby until it’s washed and wrapped. He was all “Oh, the mothering instinct will take over and you wont care if the baby has blood on it.” Yeah right – I refuse to touch her while she has muck all over her. Nothing wrong with wanting a clean, shiny baby 🙂

2. Anita - September 8, 2008

No need to put stress on your immune system if you can, in fact, come back later. At least get the tetanus shot – actual lock-jaw is not only fatal but agonizing. I’d be a terrible doctor, because I like describing gleefully all the horrible things that can happen to people. (“And *then* the muscles contract so hard that your spine shatters! Now, right arm or left?”)

3. onely - September 10, 2008

Anita, thanks for your concern! I did end up going back and, yes, getting the tetanus shot as well as a hepatitis (A? B? C? dunno, but it was one of those letters!) shot… Never fear, Onelers may be mad at their doctors/NPs, but they’ll still try to be healthy. And I also bought some super-duper multi-vitamins. Hooray!

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