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Single Women Don’t Do Windows! October 27, 2008

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I called around to some window companies, hoping to get an estimate on replacing the nine windows in my townhouse. During the initial phone conversations when I set up appointments, Prince William Home Improvement asked me, “When will you and your husband be available for an estimate?” Long Fence and Home asked me, “Do you have a husband?” And Homework Remodeling asked me, “Will your husband be there too?”

Turns out what they really mean is,  “Is there another owner of the property who should be at the estimate session in order to weigh in on the window choice?” But they don’t say that. They hear a woman’s voice and assume a husband must be in play as well–because a single woman wouldn’t own her own home, would she? Nor would a lesbian couple, nor a woman living with her mother, nor a woman living with a roommate. Of course not!

I gave each of the service providers a somewhat gentle reminder that perhaps in the future they might want to reword their standard husband question. Everyone was receptive and polite. Which is nice and all, but doesn’t make for a very exciting post, eh? 

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1. Shannon - October 27, 2008

My mum and I went to a shed company the other day – mum needs a new garden shed for storage. We wandered (or in my case, waddled) around and the guy asked several times if he could help us. After we looked at a heap of sheds, we asked for a price list and started discussing whether this price came with a concrete slab, what drainage and sky light options there were etc and how big she needed it to be. We asked the guy several questions and the popular answer is “Oh, just get your husband to see about that.”

I understand if you see a pregnant woman and her daughter out shopping you are going to assume there is a guy SOMEWHERE in the picture – between us, mum and I are wonderfully exceptional in that department 🙂 – but I hated the fact that this guy obviously had decided we weren’t handy enough to ask the ‘big’ questions ourselves. I’m pretty sure that’s classed as discrimination, isn’t it?

2. pishposhetc - October 27, 2008

Do you remember the ep of Sex & The City when Miranda bought her apartment? Your story made me think of that ep. The Realtor assumed she was moving in with the boyfriend or her father was helping with the downpayment. She kept saying, Nope, it’s just me!

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