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A Very Onely Christmas December 25, 2008

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Happy Jesus Day, everyone!

Lisa wanted to send this as a text message to all her friends, but she was afraid she might offend someone. So we’re saying it here, on Onely, where we think most of our Copious Readers will find the phrase just fine. Do you? Is the phrase offensive, or just another way of shaping new holiday habits and traditions? 

Speaking of which, I–a nominal Christian–defied tradition and spent Christmas mostly alone. These last couple weeks in Costa Riva, my sister and I were surrounded by friends, laughs, and conversation, from breakfast coffee to post-dinner beers. It was a truly spectacular trip, but by the end I was ready for the chronic stimulation to end. It finally ended last night, Jesus Day Eve, when I came home from my first day back at work.

This morning I woke up late, washed my hair, put on my favorite red boots, and drove to the movie theatre to meet my friend Elise for the opening-day 11:50 showing of Benjamin Button. We’d been looking forward to that movie since this summer, when we first saw the preview. I was so excited I missed my exit off the highway. But no matter, because I had plenty of time and space to take the long route. The streets were empty of traffic. I have never seen Northern Virginia roads so broad and sleek and unimpeded. I drove WHOOSH down 66 and Rt 50. I have never WHOOSHED like that in NoVA before. I couldn’t stop grinning! I’m sure the bright sunny sky didn’t hurt, either. 

Elise and I got perfect seats, right in the middle in front of the railing where we could put our feet up. Brad Pitt once again proved that he is a pretty face who can actually act, though how much of each was due to the makeup artists I’m not sure. The movie made us think and laugh and whimper. What more could one(ly) want? I came home, still in the sunshine, and I had a loooong nap, also in the sunshine. When I woke up, still groggy, I opened presents alone on the living room floor, listening to Native American flute music. My snuggle-hungry cat friend came over to visit and sniff wrapping paper. Spectacular! Once I woke up the rest of the way, I talked to friends and family on the phone to thank them for their thoughtfulness.  

I had the best of all worlds–contact with loved ones, but the freedom to nap at will and to eat in my pajamas (pulling strands of flesh off a Giant Rotisserie Turkey–truly the superfood of the gods, or of The God, or of Buddha, or Ganesh, or Gaia, whichever way you swing). 

How did you spend Christmas? Anyone? Anyone? 


P.S. And then at the end of my fabulous Onely day, I got a cold. Go figure.


1. Rachel - December 26, 2008

Jesus Day? Well, it did make me stop and think. Offended? Nah. It was a good reminder of what Christmas is actually about! Having had a debate with atheists about whether Christmas is now a secular holiday, it’s refreshing to see that Christians don’t think so. (I was quite taken aback that the only person who agreed with me that Christmas is not – cannot – be a secular holiday was a Christian. All the atheists seem to think it’s secular. I called that “holiday envy,” since they didn’t seem to want to just not have a holiday…)

I, too, love those empty streets and buses! Every day this week, I got to work 10 minutes earlier because the bus didn’t get stuck in traffic. And the office was quiet for a change. I somewhat dread “normal” when it’ll return on January 5th.

I hope your cold isn’t too bad!

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