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We could teach Brad Pitt a thing or two December 27, 2008

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I wanted a Brad Pitt link to put in my Christmas post, so I googled around looking at lists of his film credits, best actor awards, sexyist awards, humanitarian efforts, and fifty-bedroom chateaus. 

Just when I was beginning to feel a little bit like an underachiever, I found this bio. Check out the right sidebar, “Heart Monitor”.  My man Brad has not been Onely since 1987! WtF? (more…)

A Very Onely Christmas December 25, 2008

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Happy Jesus Day, everyone!

Lisa wanted to send this as a text message to all her friends, but she was afraid she might offend someone. So we’re saying it here, on Onely, where we think most of our Copious Readers will find the phrase just fine. Do you? Is the phrase offensive, or just another way of shaping new holiday habits and traditions? 

Speaking of which, I–a nominal Christian–defied tradition and spent Christmas mostly alone. (more…)

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