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“True Forced Loneliness” = Crazy, Creepy, and Sad Sad Sad! August 6, 2009

Posted by Onely in Food for Thought.
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If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve heard about the tragic and unsettling shooting of three women at a Pittsburgh gym by George Sodini. And now the media is digging up all kinds of evidence that illustrates not only that Sodini was mentally ill (duh), but also deeply misogynistic (check out this excellent article from Jezebel). Indeed, Sodini apparently maintained a blog, two Web sites and even posted YouTube videos that substantiate just how much he hated women, and this other article (also from Jezebel) makes a convincing case for why/how we should understand Sodini’s actions, as well as other recent mass murders, as a hate crime against women.

And if you start digging, Sodini’s complaints – that women are to blame for why he led such a miserable life – parallel complaints made by other misogynists, such as Roissy in DC, and hate movements, such as the (literally insane) group, True Forced Loneliness. According to Cracked.com, TFL is:

a budding subculture of men claiming that society was forcing them to be lonely. Three leaders had emerged through daily videos where they ramble on about their cause. Their names are Steve, Bill, and Dwayne.

To be fair, this sounds like an extremely small subculture, but with such violent undertones (and consequences), this series of links sends chills up my spine. As a woman, and as a feminist, I am profoundly sickened by this “movement.” But this also troubles me as a single person who advocates for public recognition of the “happiness” that I associate with my single life:

IT IS SO SAD to imagine these men feeling miserable and lonely because they are single — and IT IS INFURIATING to imagine these men blaming women for their situation!

And the rest? The rest makes me want to puke. Happy Friday, everyone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

— L


1. mjn - March 12, 2012


Onely - March 12, 2012

No, thank you.

singlutionary - March 12, 2012

Lovely, Onely!

2. good guy not noticed - April 8, 2012

hello everyone,

i don’t know why people think they have all the answers and think that their opinion is fact and makes them correct and all others wrong. i can understand where Onely is coming from but let me say this, as a man and as a single man who has been single for quite some time; It’s not singly MY OWN FAULT that i’m single. while i don’t know exactly the deal about the shooting, i can say that for me, to see all my male friends get someone(all of them and i have over 10 male friends who are involved with a woman of their own) and to see me at 32 not having a relationship because i am not tall enough for any woman and i’m 5’9 or i’m not black enough(in certain areas) or too black(in others) or not slim and fit or i’m not big enough or whatever to the point where i have gone over a decade without ANY kind of girlfriend or relationship and the funny thing is that I DO make the first move and i’m very charming and hilarious and somewhat handsome but it’s not enough. People(not just women but definitely not just men) let tv and music influence their ideals and now their ideals are impossible to become. You, as a woman and as a feminist can only see it through those eyes can’t you? I can’t pretend to know how it feels to be a woman but don’t believe that you have a golden pass at it being difficult to live in this world because you are a woman and that being a man isn’t all that hard or being rejected is part of being a man. have women ever been turned down a job? didn’t get the acting gig they auditioned for? didn’t get into a certain college of choice? so they get rejected too but the only difference is when a woman gets rejected, if she’s not used to it, she goes crazy. well for some men, after soooo many times of being rejected and it seems like no matter what you do NO ONE will love you, you just lose it. but again, i’m not condoning the violent act committed but i do believe that it’s bigger than just some men who whine and complain that they can’t get dates and get laid. If you think that you got the world in your favor and you’ve done nothing other be born and you just happened to be born beautiful or handsome, what makes you think that a. you deserve such favor b. that the favor is truly in your favor? I mean, if we can keep it to where most men commit suicide then that’s one way to reduce population. if we can get it to where women only have 1 child or where men only date women with kids already and not have children of their own with that said woman, then that’s another way of reducing population and you gotta remember, this stuff doesn’t have to be done all at once and full on, it takes time but you gotta know that this stuff is happening. I don’t have a problem being wrong if i am wrong about stuff but i’ve been single for over a decade and it’s not entirely my fault. I’ve got fat friends and they found someone, i got short friends and they found someone and i’ve got ugly friends and they found someone so what is my excuse? what about the people who don’t want to go to bars and clubs? you mean to tell me I had more fun as a teen and a college student than i will as an adult and there’s nothing for grown ups to do that will allow them to meet and mingle without the alpha male sickness being pumped into our brains as truth? anyway, that’s my all over the place response to this post because you as a woman and a feminist was sad and upset and you don’t even consider the plight that men go through because they can’t get a woman and they have to keep living without one while all others have one. try being unemployed for a long time and hang with people during happy hour when they all get off their jobs and meet for drinks, you will feel left out. try doing that for months and see if you can keep alive before you decide to rob someone because you don’t have a friggin job and you need to eat or pay bills or whatever. or you just need to be working because you like working. just saying before you categorize this group as a bunch of losers who can’t get a girlfriend, consider why they can’t and not just them and it’s not just a small group, the voice is just small atm. i’m out.

Onely - April 9, 2012

One thing that might help is if you start using paragraphs.

J.R. - April 9, 2012

Lol yeah I did kind of go on a long rant there. Criticism appreciated and it was funny, thanks for the heads up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Onely - April 10, 2012

Not criticism, “constructive suggestion.” = ) Thanks for sharing though!

Fucked by Shit Society - August 19, 2015

If she’s really a female,she lives in a ultra entitled/im female hear me roar/women are valuable and unexpendable/brainwashed feminazi kind of world, she’s probably a Lesbo to or was a queen bee princess cunt in High school and thinks she’s the shit all females are alike and think collectively in a estrogen filled hive mind it’s just how all females (bitches) are

3. L. - May 12, 2012

You’re egotistical, insensitive and unethical. Just wanted to let you know.

Onely - May 15, 2012

Thanks! = )

4. dave - May 29, 2012

Wow, what hatred! I guess that I fit the label, rejected in high school ,no dates, no prom, no social activities, just figured out that I was going to be alone most of the time.
Nobody’s fault, just my understanding that I was so bad at this that I needed to be doing something else with my time. God gave me a great life and I am busy with charitable work which keeps me very busy and is very rewarding. It is just a life without women in it.
People were more mad at me for “dropping out” than they were
for me getting rejected all the time. I guess I never, ever understood
that game and am probably better off for it. I do not understand all
of the hatred for just finding another way to live.

Bill - October 16, 2015

Dave, don’t let people get to you. Enjoy your life. I went through High School and the first 3 years of college without a date. I guess I was so shocked by the abusive treatment that I encountered from women that I backed off. I didn’t blame the women I just accepted it as the way it was. They are nice to the guys they want and treat the guys they don’t want in a shitty manner. This did not surprise me because I found most women sought out guys who treated them like crap..The only thing I would caution you bout is this: If a woman is interested in you, you might want to talk with her. There were women in HS and college that I could have taken out but I had become so callous that I did not notice their advances. I’m not saying you will find a girl but it could happen…

5. gorgio serg - August 5, 2012

since women choose 100% of the time the man they will date,have sex with and associate with tell me who are supposed to you blame?

Jody - August 28, 2022

I read about this in Spanish literature back in college, so you are probably right.

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7. Rock - October 28, 2013

Maybe what George Sodini did was wrong but it’s in the nature of men to be like untamed tigers who kill without cause, just look at the wars all have been started and finished by men.And basically women have guided men many times away from war.
But nowadays the latest fashion for women has become we don’t need men we are independent,well ladies we men need you all, so that better sense might prevail through your feminine understanding otherwise it won’t take us 24 hours to take the entire world all the way to hell.

8. lee954 - July 18, 2015

TFL is real…I know from personal experience. Many people like myself who have Asperger’s syndrome have to suffer a life of loneliness, frustration, and isolation. I’m 53 years old and have never had a job or a sexual relationship.

There is absolutely nothing I can do to persuade a woman, or an employer, to even give me the time of day.

Oh…and it’s much worse when I’m the dream boy of every gay man in town and they won’t leave me alone.

I’ve had to become hard…so very hard.

Jody - August 28, 2022

My heart goes out to you, but I don’t believe that Asperger’s syndrome is real.

9. JTC - July 21, 2015

If women refuse to date them, how is it not the fault of women?

INB twisty logic!

10. Fucked by Shit Society - August 19, 2015

TFL is real, every single female I’ve met in life has looked at me as crap no matter how I was, but right I’m not “confident /full of myself enough, ” alpha “enough or fit the description of a man to them cause of social brainwashing, women are always right, they’re valued members of society and are all goddesses, /mini celebrities they can never do no wrong ever and are infallible like god, Ive been alive long enough to know how everything really is.. I realize I will be true forced shit listed by females till I die ,oh and society lies there isn’t someone out there for everyone,

Bill - October 16, 2015

I learned at age 16 to view women as cruel, manipulative, dishonest and a source of pain and suffering to most men. sure they were nice to the assholes, thugs and jerks but treated most guys as subhuman. As a result I did not want to be around them. Why associate with a group of people who views you as inferior? The best thing to do is cut your ties with them. If you view women as a source of pain and suffering (which they are unless they like you) you won’t be lonely.

Jody - August 28, 2022

Women are bringing our society down here in the United States of America by exclusively interbreeding with thugs, jerks and lowlifes.

11. Fucked by Shit Society - August 19, 2015

I’ve even had females falsely accuse me of rape/assault and battery, stalking, I have had random females mean mug me/bug they’re eyes out at me, walk by me and go pFFS, pretend to be nice to me but are really screwing with my mind(females are good at it) and walk away Harpie laughing, I’ll never trust anyone especially females ever again, learned females are more trouble than they’re worth from my experience, oh and when you’re a friend they really pity you and look at you like a bastardized half brother.. You really expect someone to not be angry and believe they were so Screwed from being fucked with and fooled by society

Bill - October 16, 2015

Women are a source of pain, suffering and misery unless you are an Alpha male, thug or asshole. When you see them (correctly) in that light you won’t be lonely….

12. Nick DeShane - October 2, 2017

I was in special ed. I am also very smart (those with ld’s have the same iq range as regular people). You can just sort of tell when somebody smarter than you we all can. When people honestly believe you’re supposed to be retarded but they subconsciously pick up that you’re smarter than them they treat you like fucking shit like your existence is an insult. In junior high my first crush experience involved music class. I wasn’t sure with the girls last name was so I want in the hall and wrote her name down on my notebook. The bastard next to me took my notebook when I saw it announced to the entire class. Then my first crush was bawling and ran out of the classroom devastated even missing the last day of the week at school honestly not even fucking with you because I had a crush on her (now I get it was more everyone everyone laughing at us & less me specifically but as a 6 grader). There were other girls that rejected me too (most were nice about it sorta) till high school when an older girl just wrote her number in my yearbook. Ever heard of a “pig” party? Turns out bastard frat boys aren’t the only ones that throw them. Like I said most were nice about it and had a reasonable sounding excuse the problem with that is that those are the only answers I’ve ever gotten oh wait no I was stood up before and once a woman used me to make her ex a man a full 100 lbs heavier than me & foot taller jealous. I suppose you would suggest I just assume this is all chance but that would be fucking stupid. So yes no one owes you anything & a female is under no obligation to a male just cause but all of them? How is it acceptable to shun a person solely due to conditions of their birth furthermore none made up for it or tried to rectify it. Whereas men feel responsible for the actions of other men women don’t for other women. I was forced to stand alone for years literally all I wanted was someone to talk to to be with to stand by to share pain. You are full of shit if you think it’s even according to the laws of physics possible all of those men to be wrong about being forced to be lonely some of them had to be because it’s a possibility all possibilities inevitably occur given time. It is technically possible due to free will & randomness for 1 person to never get a yes even if nothing is wrong with them and the problem isn’t on their part because it can happen which means it will and has to happen eventually that is an honest to God law of physics. I was denied any chance to explore and experiment with relationships and sexuality as a young person and now I’m a grown adult and the neuroplasticity of my mind has reduced & the rapid development that would allow me to form those neuro pathways is gone so decision was made for me by all of my peers as a child that I would never ever get to experience a normal adult relationship because I factually can’t. Saying otherwise is saying that girl strapped to a potty during her childhood is faking her problems as an adult. Yes extreme comparison but same difference just to a thankfully much smaller degree. There are some milestones missed as a child that simply cannot be made up later as our brains went through one of its little explosions + pruning during pubescents.

Nick DeShane - October 2, 2017

Dudes aren’t great either. I did get one sexual invitation inhigh school one of the football players pressed up against me from behind when I was taking a piss at a urinal and threatened to rape me. This one other time I damn near died by bullying (I will not go into details but not suicide or any self inflicted thing).

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