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Great Onelers: Sylvia Williams of Temple Hills August 12, 2009

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Yesterday the Washington Post had an article on Aging Well at All Ages. One of the four large faceshots on the front page of the Health section belonged to Sylvia Williams, 62, of Temple Hills. She is a counselor at Walker Mill Middle School. She says,

Being grateful and not trying to be a teenager again. Not trying to be younger than you are. It’s ok. And today’s my birthday. . . I’m single, no children and I guess that’s why I’m doing well.

Cheers to Sylvia.

Separately, I noticed how each of the photo captions mentioned three things about the person featured: 

1) Name

2) Age

3) Job

4) aaaaand Family (you know where this is going. . . )

Family means spousal and childrenal situation, of course. Here is a sampling from the interviews on the first page of the print version:

“Married, three children and grandchildren.”

“Married, two stepchildren.”

“Divorced, no children.”

“Single, no children.”

That last is awesome Sylvia. I wonder whether the interviewees were encouraged to choose their own descriptors, or whether reporter Ibby Caputo chose them, or whether a copywriter did. Dunno! But as our readers of course recognize, the two non-married, non-parent subjects are framed in terms of what they do NOT have. Even though Sylvia may have three bosom buddies and a dear cousin, who knows? Or perhaps “her” children are her students?

Silly Post! Still, kudos to the newspaper for featuring Sylvia’s quote on the front page. Made me smile!

Copious Readership, what does “aging well” mean to YOU all? And if you were writing your caption for the Post article, what would it say? Here’s mine (based on four hours’ sleep; have mercy!):

Christina C, 35

General Gadabout

Single, loved



1. autonomous - August 13, 2009

L T, 39

“Aging well for me will be to master the trait of not taking myself so damn seriously.”

Happily autonomous (and never divorced)!

2. Singletude: A Positive Blog for SIngles - August 17, 2009

Aging well is learning to be more and more myself every day.

Writer, Editor, Blogger, and Jack of All Trades
Spouse-free, child-free

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