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Ok, well not ALL single men. We want to hear from single-and-fine-with-it men. Please tell us: Why do you like being single (or why do you not dislike it)? How do people react to your single status? What difficulties do you have being a single man in a couple’s world (if any)? And most important–where do you go for information about being Onely and male? I ask because Lisa and I received an astute email from a male reader, who said:

I came across your website recently, and while I do find what you have written to be quite interesting it seems to be written by women for women.  I was wondering if you know of any blogs that take a similar intellectual tone, like the one found in your blog but focus on both a man and a woman’s perspective on being single.  Any links you could send me would be greatly appreciated.

Yay, he called us intellectual! (Obviously he has not been reading our series of nutsucking posts.) 

Onely does try to write about issues affecting both sexes–usually in the form of gripes about legal discrimination against unmarried people. We would love to cover more single men’s issues, but unfortunately Lisa and I just don’t know what it’s like to be a single man, and we haven’t been able to find a lot of (non-heteronormative) information on the topic. As our regular readers are no doubt aware, there is a dearth of writings by empowered, Onely single males–not only on this site, but throughout media and literature. A recent search on Amazon.com for [happy single men] returned:

Violent Land: Single Men and Social Disorder from the Frontier to the Inner City

Wow–single women in general have a harder time than single men, but at least we’re generally not accused of inciting violent social disorder. 

That was actually number 7 in the results list, but I flagged it first for dramatic purposes (blogger’s license). The top six hits on [happy single men] were: 

The Single Woman’s Guide to a Happy Pregnancy

The Five Love Languages for Singles

Rich Men, Single Women

Gay and Single. . . Forever? 

The Rough Guide to Men’s Health 1

Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity

As you can see, dear Copious Readers of all sexes, we are in sore need of information about Onely men. Please email us or post a comment below:

–to suggest sources of reporting about single men’s issues

–to suggest topics pertaining to single men

–to contribute a guest post about single men, or about being a single man

–to encourage any single male readers out there to  start their own blogs (like Bobby’s, for instance)



P.S. Yes, I know the image I chose is kind of random, but *you* trying google-imaging “single men” and see what *you* get!


1. canada goose hunting season - September 25, 2014
2. Keith - October 1, 2017

Like most men, introspection and self discovery does not come easy for me. Recently, while struggling to define myself to a friend she said I was “quirky alone…yes it’s a thing” and my response was “is that bad?” This lead me to you and many others I did not know we’re a “thing” like me. My story is not unlike others in that most of my life I was in between two stages; in a relationship and long periods of alone. Then I found love that lasted a decade but did not survive a one year period of resentment. For the following 6 years I chose (and still do) a liveaboard life on a boat. I struggled with being alone for a year and then a state of tranquility started settling in. Going to bed with the sound of docklines and waking up to ducks became my last and first simple pleasures of the day.

I’m glad I am now “thing 1” and know that there are many “thinking 2’s” out there.

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