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Blog Review: Kris Kringle for Singles December 27, 2009

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While working on Matt’s excellent comment (31 Jan edit: It was wagdog’s comment, not Matt’s! sorry!) “Are there any Christmas movies that aren’t singlist?” I stumbled upon an interesting site that has nothing to do with movies, but a lot to do with being single during the (specifically) Christmas season. Kris Kringle for Singles starts off by saying, “It sucks being single during the holidays,” which of course is only true for some singles. The site acknowledges this:

I know some single people are content and don’t much care about being single during one of the most family-oriented and couple-oriented holidays of all. . . There are singles that just got out of a relationship and are feeling a sense of relief. There are new divorcees that are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. You get the point. This blog will be a well-rounded blog. It’s for singles that love Christmas but feel the pressure of being single in society, especially during the holidays.

It’s after midnight and I haven’t had a change to explore this site in depth, but our Onely readers might want to check it out in time for Jesus’ birthday next year. (Our Russian Orthodox readers are in luck–you still have a week before Christmas to use this site!)



1. iol. - December 27, 2009

Thanks Christina – it’s a shame that the blog is titled and focused around Christmas (and other holidays) plus under “categories” there’s nothing for things like

– how to plan the day/season
– what happens on the day?
– how to avoid going places and doing things you just don’t want to do

etc etc

I hope that it won’t be avoided during times when there are no holidays etc.

Onely - December 31, 2009

Iol, I got the feeling the blog was kind of new, so maybe those items (which are all good ideas) will come along eventually.

2. Singlutionary - December 28, 2009

I wish I had been able to participate more in the holiday dialogue this year. This site looks really exciting.

Onely - December 31, 2009

It’s an interesting concept for a site, yes. Separately, it HAS been a crazy season but maybe once we hit February we’ll all get back into blogging mode (aka hibernation mode).

3. Trauma Queen - December 29, 2009

Merry Xmas! Hope you guys had a nice xmas 🙂

On a completely unrelated note – this is supposedly the new face of modern India that Indian TV is portraying. It is amazing how Indian movies and tv shows are trying too hard to copy American shows (and stereotypes) while I find Hollywood becoming melodramatic like Bollywood.

In any case, I am disgusted with the type of stereotypes being fed to the Indian public. http://www.setindia.com/YRF/rishta_com.php

Onely - December 31, 2009

AAAAAAAAA that was horrible! I only looked at Rishta (which trades in stereotypes about how men and women think and emote) and Mahi Way (which stereotypes the chubby girl as being everyone’s Agony Aunt because she “has no life of her own”) before deciding I couldn’t read anymore. So frustrating that now it’s not just coca-cola being spread over the globe, but these unhealthy stereotypes as well. Although perhaps they existed in India before globalization too? The singles-stereotyping surely did, though I’m not sure about the chubby-stereotyping. That was interesting, if frustrating–thanks for flagging!


4. Trauma Queen - December 29, 2009

oh i forgot to mention, rishta in Hindi means ‘relationship’.

5. Trauma Queen - January 1, 2010

well the traditional indian stereotype on rishtas and relationships was one where the girl was super shy and the boy was either super macho (read: male chauvinistic pig) or super shy (read: nerd). Nowadays the girls are not shy, but are sugary sweet romantic (ugh) and the guys are not typical MCP’s, but closeted ones (worse, I think). Oh and sex and talking about it was taboo…clearly not the case in this tv show….

It is really funny…I see so many Indian blogs too that according to me are desperate attempts to be Carrie Bradshaw-ish. It is enlightening in some ways, but sickening in some other ways. We even halloween parties in urban India nowadays, with no one really knowing what Halloween is all about. It won’t be long before the nyc kissing habit becomes a trend here. I don’t really have a problem with occidental culture making it’s way here – I mean the very fact many Hindus put up Xmas trees is rather nice. But doing it to be “hip” or “modern” is a trend I find very disturbing.

and then there is a the hypocrisy on homosexuality.. but let’s discuss that some other day….

6. Trauma Queen - January 1, 2010

sorry, I should have said “holiday” tree. But that would be confusing because the banyan, banana and fig tree would also be “holiday” trees in India!

7. Shopper Diva - January 3, 2010


I’m the creator of the blog, Kris Kringle For Singles. I noticed some traffic was coming my way from this site. Firstly, I want to thank you for this post! I am grateful for the exposure, traffic, and feedback. I have read the comments and appreciate the suggestions, especially from the first commentator. It is still a work in progress, and I hope to make it a useful blog.

Again, thank you. I will link back to your blog!

Shopper Diva

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