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Blog Review: Kris Kringle for Singles December 27, 2009

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While working on Matt’s excellent comment (31 Jan edit: It was wagdog’s comment, not Matt’s! sorry!) “Are there any Christmas movies that aren’t singlist?” I stumbled upon an interesting site that has nothing to do with movies, but a lot to do with being single during the (specifically) Christmas season. Kris Kringle for Singles starts off by saying, “It sucks being single during the holidays,” which of course is only true for some singles. The site acknowledges this:

I know some single people are content and don’t much care about being single during one of the most family-oriented and couple-oriented holidays of all. . . There are singles that just got out of a relationship and are feeling a sense of relief. There are new divorcees that are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. You get the point. This blog will be a well-rounded blog. It’s for singles that love Christmas but feel the pressure of being single in society, especially during the holidays.

It’s after midnight and I haven’t had a change to explore this site in depth, but our Onely readers might want to check it out in time for Jesus’ birthday next year. (Our Russian Orthodox readers are in luck–you still have a week before Christmas to use this site!)


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