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The Worst Singlism Ever (And We’ve Seen Some Bad Stuff)–Protest It! February 9, 2013

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Copious Readers, get your pens on! We need to write letters to the editors of New York Magazine, which published an article by (supposed) social-justice advocate David France, wherein David France says single people–specifically, New York mayor and “lifelong bachelor” Ed Koch–are heartless.

In the article, “Ed Koch and the AIDS Crisis: His Greatest Failure,” France says that in the course of his research:

That fact [that Koch “never coupled”] stood out above any other as a probable explanation for why he seemed to lack even the faintest stirrings of empathy when the AIDS crisis came.

The fact that France, is a longtime social justice advocate, sees nothing wrong with trashing single people, and the fact that such a statement made it through New York Magazine’s editorial process, reveals just how entrenched and camouflaged the problem of singlism is.

Thanks to Rachel of Rabe.org and Bella DePaulo of Living Single for flagging this insanity. Thanks to Rachel for providing the link to the Letters to the Editor section of New York Magazine:


–Christina and Lisa


1. Chris - February 11, 2013

What is amusing about the comment is that Koch was long rumored to be gay. My sense is that he was merely a solitary person though having a wide variety of non-intimate friends. He is missed!

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