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Footloose Femails April 25, 2009

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Guess what, everyone:  One of our readers, the wonderfully named Singal, has set up a Yahoo! Groups email community for single women, called Footloose Femails. The title is a nod to the concept of singles being “free to come and go”. Singal started the group as a way to build community among single women, to make friends and exchange ideas. She wanted to call the group Singals, but unfortunately that was already taken by a porno list (we hate when that happens–see Onely’s experience with creating accidental pornography).

So click the link above to go check out the description of the group and maybe sign up. And/or see Singlutionary’s post for a few more details about the group. If you go to Yahoo! Groups and search from there, make sure to type footloosefemails, all one word.  

–Christina and Lisa

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