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Single? Don’t Sweat It! May 1, 2009

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Harvard Health Publications//Harvard Medical School

In this eye-opening Men’s Health article, Howard LeWine, M.D. advises and comforts a woman who says,

“My husband has started sweating profusely when he is asleep. His sweat has a strong cheesy smell and I can no longer tolerate it.”


I hope that poor man doesn’t have one of the serious conditions that LeWine mentions. But I am also sort of allowed to make fun of him, because I too went through a phase where  I smelled of Muenster cheese. It emanated from my elpits–you know, the insides of your elbows.  I couldn’t move my arms without catching whiffs. So having smelled Human Muenster myself, I know how terribly that poor woman must have suffered, inhaling the huge slag of sweaty cheese all night, with the odor pooling in particular under the sheets like a fart. 

Copious Readers, what other exposures to terrible bodily emanations do we avoid by being single? 


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