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Dr. Lillis Makes Onely Cry! Tell Him to Apologize! July 19, 2009

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If any of our Copious Readers have friends who buy into the (flawed) “marriage-makes-healthy” studies, send them to Singletude‘s 15 July post. Singletude professionally and eruditely tears into Dr. Christopher Lillis, an internist with Chancellor Internal Medicine in Fredricksburg, Virginia.  High on his recent nuptials, Dr. Lillis basically says that:

1) Everyone needs to get married so that their spouse will remind them to take care of their health! Singles wither away because they don’t remember go to the doctor! 

2) People who remain single are likely to be genetically inferior to marrieds! (This isn’t at *all* like eugenics, is it? Lisa says, “What, is he going to measure the size of our heads?”)

3) Scientists who discount the “marriage-makes-healthy” studies are bitter because they never have time to get out of the lab to find true love!  (Here he admits to hyperbole, but claims he’s allowed to say such things, because it’s his essay and he “just got hitched”. Careful of that bit and bridle, Doc. I can see it’s already squeezing on your brain.)

4) “Getting married reduces depressive symptoms, and getting divorced increases them.”


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