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Let’s Get This Over With As Quickly As Possible Day February 13, 2009

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antivalentineThis is Onely’s first Valentine’s Day!  Pt-oo!  And that is us spitting on the Hallmark and De Beers mudworms who warped the holiday into its current overcommercialized incarnation.

What can Onely say about V-day, aka Let’s Get This Over With as Quickly As Possible Day,  that hasn’t been said already? “The holiday is insulting to singles”; “not insulting to singles”; “worth celebrating”; “not worth celebrating” — blah, blah.   (more…)

UnOnely Pleasures: Country Music December 3, 2008

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It’s ok to like something even if it’s unOnely! Some of my best friends are unOnely. And some of my favorite music is country.  I have three country music stations programmed into my car radio. Although independent-minded female singers with progressive attitudes are edging aside the good ol’ boys, the genre is still steeped in old-school heteronormative rhetoric. And I find myself rocking out to even the worst of it. Ignoring for a moment the philosophical issue of whether one can actually “rock out” to country music, here are some catchy tunes with lyrics you don’t want to listen to too closely: (more…)

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