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Yay! More Reader Comments! (You’re great–so why are you single?) August 8, 2008

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Thanks, friendly readers, for your very interesting comments! In fact, there are a couple that we want to get back to, but first, the most recent one, posted by Cynthia in response to this post written by Christina (I’ve cut to the final portion of the comment, btw, because it seemed the most relevant):

It’s not too clear to me though which one bothers you more? Being judged or being asked why still single?


While We Were Out… Can Marrieds be Onely? August 4, 2008

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Hi everyone! Christina and I are back from a luxurious mosquito-ridden backpacking trip on North Manitou Island in Lake Michigan… It was great! (and no, I’m not being facetious). While we were gone, we received an interesting and thought-provoking comment/question from a good friend of mine, Lisa (and no, she’s not an “imaginary” friend, I swear!), in response to my recent post entitled Naps. Coming from her perspective as a married woman, Lisa’s asking some good questions that I’d like to respond to/clarify about how we define Onely. So you don’t have to go digging around the site, I’ve reproduced the first half of her comment (and my subsequent response) below (I or Christina will get to the second half of the comment in a post later this week, as it deserves special consideration): (more…)

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