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Great Onelers: SEARS HOME IMPROVEMENT October 1, 2010

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Kudos to Sears Home Improvement. When Jennifer called me to schedule my free estimate, she asked, “Is there anyone else who would benefit from the estimate for this new roof? Anyone who lives with you?” I believe that legally or ethically all contractors have to consider this factor when scheduling a visit for an estimate.   Sears’ wording was in refreshing contrast to other contractors, who speak to me about an appointment and then ask, “Will your husband be available too?” or some variation.  Which is sexist and singlist and heteronormative.

I answered nice, nonheteronormative Jennifer, “No, just my cats,” and she laughed, so now I think Sears has a fabulous sense of humor.  Copious Readers, what other companies would you recommend for being singles-savvy and also appreciative of dorky humor?


P.S. Onely’s staff has not been posting as often lately because we’ve been very busy (ok, full disclosure: Lisa has been busy with her dissertation, and Christina has been consulting her cats about roofing options). But we have a slew of posts backing up in our Drafts folder, so stay tuned for the onslaught once we hit “publish” on all of those.

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