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More on Selfish Onelies July 6, 2008

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 Although some people’s first instinct is to think that people who don’t want kids are selfish, many people actually *have* kids for selfish reasons: 

–to improve their relationship with their spouse or partner

–to leave behind a legacy, copies of their genes

–to have someone to take care of them in their old age

–to relive missed opportunities from their own youth

–to fit in, because everyone else is doing it (more…)

Socializing with the Single: Even if I *am* Selfish. July 5, 2008

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So I’m in St. Louis right now, and yesterday I spent the day hanging out with my best friend and her fiancee as we barbecued (and I’m not being flippant using that word – S [the fiancee] made ribs — good ones too. v. impressive!) and entertained M’s friends and family as they came over to celebrate the dual holiday of her birthday and independence day. I had a great time, and for a while I was stuck outside because I shielded myself from the biting bugs with some very strong-smelling bug spray, which M couldn’t stand the smell of inside – and because of it I got to chill with S while he attended the grill and M was inside preparing other food. (more…)

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