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Once Upon a Stereotype November 26, 2011

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So there I was, slouching in my massage chair, rotting my brain by watching the Grimm pilot, when I heard some singlist dialog. I sat up and sprang into action to write this post a month later.

Fairy-tale monsters live in our midst disguised as humans, but fortunately there’s a handsome cop who can see through their disguises. I tolerate the terrible dialog and acting (one woman actually dies by closing her eyes, opening her mouth, and dropping her head backwards in one fell swoop as she stands in our hero’s arms),  for the chance to see werewolves. I will even–yes–tolerate tacky stereotypes of singles.

Our hero (you can recognize him from the monotone and Ken-doll haircut) chases a suspected child-killer-slash-monster through a park to the suspect’s house, then at 23:00 delivers this line to his skeptical partner:

He fits the profile! He’s a loner, he’s never been married, he lives across the street from the park.

Yes! He’s a loner! He must be our perp! (more…)

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