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Single’s Movement Has a Slogan! February 20, 2012

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Copious Readers, let us know what you think of this for our Singles’ movement slogan (if I may be so bold):

Separate sex and state!

Advantage: If you pronounce it SeparAYTE, it has rhyme and rhythm.

Disadvantage: Some people might read it as SeparUT.

Advantage: It has “sex” in it.

Disadvantage: It has “sex” in it.

As our regular readers will recognize, the slogan reflects how many governments give arbitrary rights and privileges to married couples, at the expense of gays who cannot marry and, less famously, at the expense of single people.  Yes, some companies or governments think of themselves as all progressive for providing some domestic partner benefits, but in doing so they’re just feeding back into the whole overdone trope of couple-privileging.

Moreover, “couple” is largely by default defined as two people who live together and have sex with each other on a regular basis. This prevents, or at least deters, two platonic females (for example) who live together, maybe share childcare responsibilities, and function as a married couple in all ways but one–dare I whip out the Kate & Allie reference? I do dare–from receiving or applying for domestic partner benefits.

This is why we think Separate sex from state is an appropriate slogan for progressive singles. Separate sex from state, and many other cultural prejudices about singles (selfish, lonely, always seeking “the one”) will fall away as well.


P.S. If you watch the Kate & Allie episode, aired in 1984, you’ll see how they float the idea of “family can be defined many ways.” Yet over twenty years later, so many people (and institutions) are still acting as if the hetero couple unit is the be-all end-all of family. Shameful.

Satisfied Singles Need a Rallying Cry October 8, 2010

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Leading singles advocate Bella DePaulo recently posted an intriguing thought at the Alternatives to Marriage Project: Why don’t singles’ advocates have a rallying cry, and if we did, what would it be?

Successful social movements have rallying cries that become known throughout the land. For example:

Black is beautiful
Sisterhood is powerful
We’re queer, we’re here, get used to it
We shall overcome

So where is the expression of group identification and pride trumpeted by singles activists?. . .Does the mere thought of hoisting a “singlehood is powerful” sign make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious? That right there is a big hint as to why we do not have a singles movement in the United States.

The take-away lesson here would seem to be: if singles can find a catchy slogan, then we’ll have a movement, and then we’ll have (eventually) rights and respect on a par with couples/marrieds. Yay! Unfortuately, we here at Onely–who are proud to have brought you such word gems as “heteronormahole“–now have Slogan Block.  So Copious Readers, it’s time for you to step up!

Here’s a few to get you started:

Single doesn’t suck

Onely not lonely

One equals two

(Um, you can see why we asked for help!)


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