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Who Knew?: Single Women Have Hots for Uncle Sam! October 2, 2010

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Welcome to the latest installment in Onely’s “Who Knew?” series. 

I already reamed out Phyllis Schlafly for saying that single women look to Big Goverment to fill the role of the supportive male figure that is (supposedly) lacking in their lives. I thought this was just Schlafly spewing her usual extremist bullhooey, but then I stumbled on SFexaminer pundit  Betsy Hart, a self-described “single mom and reliable conservative vote(r)” who thinks the same way, according to her op-ed article

Single ladies look to Uncle Sam to fill a man’s role in their lives

A single mom. A single mom is peddling unhealthy, unhelpful stereotypes of single women as being somehow “lacking” if they don’t have a man with whom they are having sex and financial dealings on a day-to-day basis.  A single mom is using the term “single ladies” in an op-ed piece. Who does that? (more…)

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