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Lisa Back from the Dead! December 9, 2009

Posted by Onely in Secret Lives of the Happily Single, single and happy.
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That’s right, people. I’m BAAAAAAAACK!!! And yes, until today’s haircut and yesterday’s recovery massage, I did look frighteningly like this little girl to my right. That’s what happens when one travels to doctoral-exam Hell and back! As of today, I’m happy to announce my regular presence back at Onely and across the blogosphere. I’m so looking forward to catching up! I also want to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful readers for giving me kind words of encouragement when I made my occasional appearances here to complain about the exams and make excuses for my absence.

Since I finished my last exam a few days ago, I have spent most of my energy taking care of and rejuvenating myself, both materially and mentally. I was genuinely worried that I would emerge from the last exam let down and depressed, having focused all of my time and energy (and having made multiple sacrifices in my personal life) over the last six months into exam preparation, only to give birth to a series of unpublishable and ultimately unremarkable documents. So, in order to avoid a complete post-exam meltdown, I have been treating myself to the following: (more…)

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