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Onely’s Evil Twin February 16, 2009

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We don’t know how many of our copious readers stumbled upon our blog by accident, but we imagine there may be one or two. After all, our name is a (purposeful) mispelling of – and play on – the words “Lonely,” “Only,” and “One.” We are currently the first site that pops up on Google when anyone happens to mispell one of those words – but recently we noticed that we have an Evil Twin – a doppelganger, if you will, who already owned our site address before we started blogging: Onely.com.

If you click on that link, a quick scan reveals that the site, like ours, plays on the same words as our name does – but instead of attempting to reverse the heteronormative implications of those words our Evil Twin uses them to lure people in (I mean, who doesn’t desperately want to click on the link “Lonely Lady”?!). [Disclaimer: We are too afraid of viruses and other icky computer diseases that I refuse to click any of the links to find out what’s underneath, btw, and we are certainly not recommending that anyone go digging deep!]

We don’t like Onely’s Evil Twin. We want to own that domain so we can resist heteronormative assumptions on a larger scale and save all of those “Sick of Being Lonely” suckers from themselves! Unfortunately, we can’t do much besides make fun of the site for, oh, about a year (when Onely.com’s domain expires)… Unless one of our copious readers has a suggestion, that is…?

— L


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