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I Spent Christmas Alone December 26, 2013

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4156759926_26aa1c1c16_oActually, that title is not true. It was Thanksgiving that I spent alone, and which I wanted to post about several weeks ago. But I never got around  to writing the piece until just now, so I tweaked the title just to make this post more timely.

I didn’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone. I could have joined some friends or my family. But I wanted to be alone during the entire Thanksgiving weekend, and be thankful for my aloneness. But would it work? Could it be done?

Answer: Kinda.

My plan: On Thursday morning, I would drive twenty minutes to Bull Run Park, where I would spend three nights camping in a Rustic Cabin, writing my Adequate American Novel and snacking (not necessarily in that order).

There would be no WiFi.  I had long believed that if I could simply get away from the Internet, I would finish my book in a weekend, easy.

The nice woman on the phone at the park swore my computer would not pick up one single quiver of WiFi. “No Internet,” she said, “But there is heat, a microwave, mini fridge, futon, table, chairs, queen bed, and bunk beds.” This all seemed a bit luxurious for a writing retreat in the deep woods. But perhaps I’d get lucky and the heat would fail, and I would have to continue typing in fingerless gloves with a scarf around my neck, hunched over my keyboard, as boundless creativity flowed from my stiff white fingertips, the way I’d always imagined–correctly or incorrectly–Henry David Thoreau did when he went to Walden Pond.

Now it’s true that Thoreau did not have a down comforter, plus a down-filled bomber jacket, plus a calf-length down coat (not meant to wear over the bomber jacket, but I wore it over the bomber jacket).* Nor a frozen Trader Joe’s spinach pie (Thanksgiving dinner) and a bag of organic pears and nutmix. But nonetheless the words he used to explain his famous explanation for his retreat kept playing over and over in my head. I remembered them from the movie Dead Poets Society.  Or thought I did. (I did not and will not Google them to make sure I get them right.) This is what I kept hearing as I shuffled around my little cabin, from computer to refrigerator and back again: (more…)

The World’s Oneliest House July 29, 2009

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Point Lookout Lighthouse in Maryland is the world’s oneliest house. It sits on a rocky outcropping that juts into the confluence of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. I went there with my paranormal investigations group (a story for another blog at another time), and it’s a truly spooky, isolated location. But that’s not why it’s a onely place. What struck me about the lighthouse was that it had been modified so that two keepers’ families could live there together. A wall was built down the center of the house. The wall turned into a railing that crossed  the front porch and went right down the middle of the short staircase leading from the lawn to the front of the house. The house had two front doors on the porch, one on each side of the railing. The two families could walk up their respective sides of the steps and enter their respective mirror-image houses, dine in their mirror-image dining rooms and sleep in their respective bedrooms, and never cross paths except in one shared alcove to which they each had lockable doors. That alcove accessed the spiral staircase leading to the light tower.  (more…)

Onely’s Evil Twin February 16, 2009

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We don’t know how many of our copious readers stumbled upon our blog by accident, but we imagine there may be one or two. After all, our name is a (purposeful) mispelling of – and play on – the words “Lonely,” “Only,” and “One.” We are currently the first site that pops up on Google when anyone happens to mispell one of those words – but recently we noticed that we have an Evil Twin – a doppelganger, if you will, who already owned our site address before we started blogging: Onely.com. (more…)

Not Alone, but Onely! December 30, 2008

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Hola from San Jose, California, home of my parents. I am terribly jealous of Christina’s recent posts, b/c she is ALONE and I am not, and yet we are both Onely. Whenever I visit – which happens about twice a year – my parents do not leave me alone. I am their only daughter, and the one they can “count” on to hang out with them nonstop while I visit. I have always played the role of mediator and appeaser — so I let them absorb my presence as much as they want with few complaints, because, after all, it is the role I have *always* played, and we do live half a country apart most of the time (my bros live in nearby San Fran and LA, respectively). But this visit is making it more and more clear to me how much I genuinely enjoy being, quite literally, ALONE. (more…)

Onely: by Chance or by Choice? Christina’s Perspective August 29, 2008

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To answer my own question, I’m Onely by chance AND by choice! 

I don’t have a lot of CHANCES to meet men. For years, chronic health problems have forced me to spend a lot of time lying down. If I don’t get a four-hour nap on Saturday and a four-hour nap on Sunday, I will likely have trouble functioning during the subsequent workweek.  I can’t drink alcohol. I can’t do cardio sports unless I have days of recovery time. I can only go out one night a weekend unless I want to risk consequences. That’s all chance.  BUT: (more…)

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