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Not Alone, but Onely! December 30, 2008

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Hola from San Jose, California, home of my parents. I am terribly jealous of Christina’s recent posts, b/c she is ALONE and I am not, and yet we are both Onely. Whenever I visit – which happens about twice a year – my parents do not leave me alone. I am their only daughter, and the one they can “count” on to hang out with them nonstop while I visit. I have always played the role of mediator and appeaser — so I let them absorb my presence as much as they want with few complaints, because, after all, it is the role I have *always* played, and we do live half a country apart most of the time (my bros live in nearby San Fran and LA, respectively). But this visit is making it more and more clear to me how much I genuinely enjoy being, quite literally, ALONE. (more…)

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