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Psych Today Post Deletes Comments from Progressive Singles November 7, 2010

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The 30-percent-offensive post “10 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Life”  I wrote about recently is one of the five most popular posts on Psychology Today. It was fifth this morning and now it’s number three. Why is this a huge problem? Reasons A-C below, where C is the most disturbing:

(A) As I said in my previous post, three of the ten suggestions assume that the reader has a “mate”.  (Watch a sunset with your mate; go to bed ten minutes early with the one you love, write a thank-you note to your mate.) Presumably thousands of people are reading these suggestions and internalizing the insidious notion that everyone must either have or strive for a mate, in order to lead an enhanced life.

(B) Several people left comments on the 10-Things post, saying how “awesome” and “lovely” all the suggestions are, and presumably thousands more have read the comments and further ingested the notion that it’s “awesome” and “lovely” to watch a sunset with a mate (and, by extension, perhaps less lovely without one).

(C) On the day I composed my original post griping about this, at least three astute Psych Today commenters had left comments challenging the inclusion of the three “mate” items in the list. As of yesterday, and as of today, those particular comments are gone–presumably removed. I don’t have any record of their existence (why would I think I’d need to make one?), but I know I saw them. I also know that Onely made a comment which has since disappeared.

It seems bizarre to me that an author or admin would remove three comments as benign as the ones I read, but I can’t think of what else might have happened. I welcome, and hope for, alternative suggestions.

Otherwise, Copious Readers, please go comment on the 10-Things post and let the author and the many readers of the post know that only seven of the ten items are actually “awesome” and “lovely”.  Your comments may be removed later, but even having them up for a little while might offset this post’s perpetuation of the Mate Myth.


TAKE ACTION: Speak Up For Health Care Reform August 8, 2009

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Check out yet another thorough and engaging post from Clever Elsie at Singletude, this time about the upcoming vote on HR 676, a bill supporting a single payer health care system, where we are all covered by ONE taxpayer-funded public source. (Ooh, how very Scandinavian!) As always, Singletude has done her research and explains why she is a fan of this bill. I am a fan of single-payer too, but my reasoning is based more on my gut than my head, so I encourage our Copious Readers to go to Singletude for more details.  (more…)

Singles Denied Domestic Violence Protection in Virginia March 26, 2009

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I heard on NPR this morning that in Virginia you can only get a domestic violence protection order if you are married, living together, or have a child together.  I *think* this is what I heard–I was madly trying to find some unwrinkled work slacks and not get moisturizer on my blouse at the time, so I might have misheard. (more…)

Heteronormaholes On the Prowl! Reach out to your congress reps! February 21, 2009

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A couple years ago, I fed, spayed, and removed an abcess from the tail of a very scared little tabby kitten whose mama had  disappeared. I found a home for Fiction with my neighbors, to whom she is a delight. She also comes by every day for snuggles and I’m sure her purr therapy has had added years on to my life.

So why isn’t there a massive ad campaign to encouraging people to improve their well-being by saving and socializing feral cats? Because this hobby isn’t right or comfortable for everyone! DUH.  So why is the federal government funding an ad campaign to promote the hobby of marriage? Because the government is Severely Duh-Impaired, that’s why:

Rachel’s post alerted Onely to the federally funded campaign to encourage marriage, as described in this USA Today article.  According to the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, which is spearheading the campaign in response to falling marriage rates, “Young people want ‘happily ever after,’ but lack skills to make marriage work.”


Tell Credo to Crack the Couple-Rut December 29, 2008

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Rachel of Rachel’s Musings had a great idea. The progressive phone company Credo is asking its customers and the general public what causes they find most important. Tell them that we need legislation to get us out of the couple-rut: (more…)

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