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DID YOU KNOW? (Coming home Onely) December 8, 2008

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Welome to the latest (and by that I mean the first) installment in Onely’s DID YOU KNOW? series.

DID YOU KNOW that no one likes coming home to an empty house?

Yes! It’s true! This was according to an E-vite I received, to a surprise party for my friend who was returning from an extended business trip.  “No one likes coming home to an empty house,” the E-vite said, reminding us that my friend’s wife would be out of town during his return, and encouraging us to show up instead so that there would be people waiting in his house for him when he came home from the airport. I was a tad perplexed, because there are few things I like *more* than coming home to an empty house. As much as I love my friends, I also love walking into my foyer, smelling the unbreathed, unstirred air, and putting my bags down in the middle of the rug and either lying on the floor or making toast and feeling the grime of travel roll off me (After a 24 hour trip, doesn’t your grime roll? Or should I see a doctor?).

Copious Readers, if you were coming home from a long flight, would you want to have friends jump out at you from behind the couch, or not? Put your answer in POLL A: 

I know it’s dangerous to put a cat joke on an singles blog; that’s just asking to perpetuate the stereotype. (more…)

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