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Great Onelies in Real Time: Shanaz (YOUR RESPONSES REQUESTED) January 8, 2009

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This evening my hairdresser and I talked about being Onely. Shanaz likes men but is more interested in friends, her hair artistry, her daughter, her writing (Persian language commentary on Iranian politics), and just life. “I’m happiest without a boyfriend,” she says. At forty-something, she’s been married and coupled and single and even accidentally involved with a married man. And she chooses single. 

But you know what’s coming next, don’t you? (more…)

Gay Unlike Me September 30, 2008

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Yay! Another post where I get to reference Sex and the City! 

Remember the episode where Miranda’s boss sets her up with a lesbian, having assumed that she must be gay because he’s never seen her with a man? That happened to me! Except it was my neighbor who tried to set me up with her lesbian friend. She said, “But I never saw any men around your house, so I thought. . .” Her friend was very beautiful, so too bad for me I’m not gay. (more…)

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