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What’s in Your Bed? September 11, 2009

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I read somewhere that if you’re single, you should always sleep in the middle of the bed. This is good feng shui because it represents that you’re complete in yourself. By sleeping in the middle of the bed, you distract the universe from the pooling vortex of singlehood angst and thwarted couplehood that an empty half of the bed attracts (and God help you if you sleep next to an unused pillow).

So I sometimes feel guilty for sleeping on the side of my bed, as if I am not an enlightened single.

I have three beds: single, full, and a king-sized.  If I sleep in the middle of the full one, how am I supposed to reach the nightstand light? If I sleep in the middle of the king, then getting up in the darl to pee becomes like a fouled-up arctic expedition as I stumble on all fours over lumps of chilled comforter wondering, “Which way is the bathroom?”

But I manage to fool the universe and quiet the vortex by filling that empty space beside me with other things. At various times, and sometimes simultaneously, I have had in my bed the following pleasure items (yeah, all you readers who found this blog via searches for “nut sucking” wish it were going to be that kind of post): (more…)

Sleeping With the Rosetta Stone August 9, 2008

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Since the advent of energy saving bulbs, I have taken to leaving my bedside lamp on all night–because I sleep better with the light on. (Really.) But what helps me the most with my chronic inability to fall asleep is The Rosetta Stone  language learning software.

I put my old laptop next to my pillow, lie on my side, and sweep my index finger over the mouse pad, (more…)

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