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We could teach Brad Pitt a thing or two December 27, 2008

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I wanted a Brad Pitt link to put in my Christmas post, so I googled around looking at lists of his film credits, best actor awards, sexyist awards, humanitarian efforts, and fifty-bedroom chateaus. 

Just when I was beginning to feel a little bit like an underachiever, I found this bio. Check out the right sidebar, “Heart Monitor”.  My man Brad has not been Onely since 1987! WtF? This is a man who flies planes, makes documentaries, does accents as well as AIDS activism, finances ecohousing for New Orleans, and could probably afford to buy Luxembourg, but he doesn’t have the experience of being single

Granted, since puberty he probably has had so many women flocking, swooning, and drooling all over him that telling him, “Brad, at some point you might want to take some time to find yourself and learn to navigate the world as a Onely,” would have been like telling a drowning man, “Sir, you might want to avoid breathing the water”.  

Copious Readers, do you know of other stunning celebrities who have been swept up  in similar unending tides of coupledom? What do you think this says about them, and about us commoners? 

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1. psycoticsinginchick - December 27, 2008

They probably feel that they have to be with someone to keep their fame. It is well known that the changing of significant others spread gossip to keep them in the spotlight. They don’t take relationships seriously, they just like having the press around them. And their relationships, even marriages, don’t last long. Think of this. Four years of being married to the same person, is a LONG time to these guys.

We, on the other hand, of course have a bit more trouble finding someone, but also don’t have the pressure they do. We also (generally) try to find someone we’re compatible with, someone we can stand to be around, someone we can spend the rest of our lives with. Divorce for us, is more the exception than the rule. We also date longer and get to know them better.

We probably wish we could have the fame. But I would hate to have the relationships.

2. onely - December 27, 2008

PSC: Excellent points, thanks for adding some meat to my post. Thinking along the lines of your comment, I find it interesting that Brad Pitt has been griping about people paying too much attention to his love life at the expense of his humanitarian efforts. I wonder if he were single, would people notice his political and social outreach more or less? Hmmm. Probably says more about us than about him. . . -CC

3. Renaldo Dembowski - September 3, 2010

Alicia Keys. I like your song “no one” my brother has it on her ipod and that’s the only music she has! you rock Alicia

Onely - September 4, 2010

Hm! I have heard that song but never paid attention to the lyrics–I will from now on. . .

4. Erasmo Tirk - September 20, 2010

To me, the best thing that Brad Pitt’s has ever done was donating these homes for the victim of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He is a good person. I salute you for that

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