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2 Hopeful Spinsters Web Series Goes Live! August 24, 2013

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Onely is excited to spread the word: After a year of writing, fundraising, filming, editing, tweeting, posting, promoting, emailing, interviewing, planning, blogging, vlogging and repeating…

PART 1 of the new web series, 2 Hopeful Spinsters, is now online! The short film also debuted at the prestigious HollyShorts Film Festival (and they’re a FINALIST for an award!)!!

Congrats to Heather and Dellany for this pro-singles’ web series. We here at Onely think these two are truly talented (and funny!), so we hope you feel the same!

Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel so you’re the first to know when new episodes come out. You can also find them on Twitter (@hopefulspinster; #2HS), Facebook, and on the web at: http://www.2hopefulspinsters.com


Let’s Rank People: Always-Single, Divorced, Married. Who would you date? May 11, 2013

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My friend Bee’s roommate Dee recently broke up with her boyfriend of several years. Bee’s father stopped by her and Dee’s apartment and, when he happened ask where Dee was, Bee told him she was in her bedroom with her tearful face buried in her laundry pile (dirty or clean, Bee wasn’t sure) listening to Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on repeat, repeat, repeat.

“I always knew that man was bad news,” Dee’s father said. Now, most people know that that is the the one thing you never, ever say to someone who has just had a breakup. But Bee’s father toed that line, then lept over it:

I knew he was bad news, because he was divorced.

Bee rolled her eyes and thanked god or the universe or whatever that Dee couldn’t hear anything over the Sad, Sad, Song playing in the background.

Copious Readers, your thoughts on this statement? Forgiveable from an old-school, overprotective father?

Before you answer, know that Dee’s dad actually came from a divorced family himself.

As someone myself who has dated some wonderful divorced men, I can’t help but think. . . WTF?


Visualize Living Alone: Infographic About This Extraordinary Privilege May 3, 2013

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Copious Readers,

We here at Onely like to experiment with guest posters! We love having them and the interesting perspectives they bring (which may or may not completely jibe with Onely’s optic). Today we are moving from pure text to something a little more visual–an Infographic. This medium is new to us so we’ll be interested in hearing your feedback on both the form and the content, which in this case has to do with the growing trend of Living Alone. Click on the graphic to see the whole image on ForRent.com, an apartment search company exploring this new trend. Normally Onely does not advocate specific businesses, but we believe in companies that consider renting or building alternative housing for non-traditional familes such as single people, and so we appreciate that ForRent has taken notice of single dwellers.

In 1950, only 9% of households had single occupants. Comparing that with today’s 27%, it is easy to see the trend of solitary living. With extending life spans, the average age of marriage slowly increasing and large rises in urbanization, we are on a path that will not be changing in the near future. The economy is in a slow recovery yet, surprisingly, a very small amount of young adults have moved back into their family homes.

In this infographic, we will take a look at some of the other factors influencing Americans to forego residential companionship and instead prefer to live by themselves.

Alone But Not Lonely
“Alone But Not Lonely” infographic designed by ForRent.com

Why Are Single People So Financially Stressed? October 24, 2012

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As you know from our most recent post, money’s been on our mind here at Onely recently. And it’s getting us some press! Check out our very own Christina featured in this story at US News and World Report. She talks about some of the financial challenges she’s encountered as a single woman living in the U.S.

Very soon, we’ll be featuring a guest post by one of our Copious Readers, Scott, whose estimation about how much more singles pay over a lifetime than married people – more than $1 million – was the closest to our estimates!



Singlism or Sexism? You Decide April 2, 2010

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Hi everyone —

Check out Christina’s latest post at Change.org, which is about singlism, family planning, and women’s ability to become astronauts.

— Lisa

Spurrious Rhetoric, continued January 3, 2009

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As a follow-up to my below Spurrious Rhetoric post, I feel compelled to acknowledge that buried in Dr. Pam Spurr’s singlist article is this one conciliatory, cover-your-ass sentence fragment: “Although, granted, there are some truly happy single women, the majority. . . ”  

But at the beginning of her post she says she doesn’t believe that “any” single women are happy. So which is it? (more…)

Happy 2009! December 31, 2008

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How Not To Be Onely November 14, 2008

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Whoa, this you tube video shows the kind of behavior that gives all single women a bad name, that makes people think all we want in life is to land a man. And it gives the media yet another excuse to perpetuate this myth: note how they flag the perp’s “single” status in the news headline: 

Bold Moves Goes Wrong (Single Woman Calls 911 for Date).


Onely Update October 30, 2008

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop a quick line to warn ya’ll (yes that’s how we talk in Kentucky!) that posting on this site may slow down slightly in the next month or so, as both Christina and I (I especially!) have found ourselves swamped with “real life” work. The last month of any semester always proves insanely busy for me, so I don’t expect to post more than once a week until approximately December 12th (unless I magically find time to do so!). Just wanted to warn you.

C & I agreed, however, that this should allow us to do more perusing of your blogs and perhaps others, so we’ll be reading and commenting on your work in the meantime! And of course if you have thoughts/comments/ideas that you’d like for us to write about here, we’re always happy to oblige!

— Lisa

Great Onely Activities: Shoe Shopping — or at Least the Journey Therein October 28, 2008

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OK, before (some of) you gag — this post is not actually about the wonders of shoe shopping. No — instead, it’s about how going shoe shopping recently reminded me to remember and relish my Oneliness (how’s that for some alliteration?!). (more…)

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